What makes greyhounds so special that they deserve their own pages on a veterinary site?   PLENTY! 


These very special dogs have lived a unique life from the time they're born, through their racing career, and finally into adoption. 

Not only are their life experiences very different from other dog breeds you may have adopted as puppies and nurtured through their life but, medically, greys are just DIFFERENT in many ways. 

It's very important to understand and recognize these differences, and to stay involved in the medical care of your racer.





How is a greyhound's lab work different? Should I be worried about anesthesia?
Separation anxiety

Cauda equina syndrome

(Lumbo-sacral stenosis, Lumbo-sacral instability)

Why is my Greyhound becoming so feeble?

Bone cancer SLO - He lost a toenail (or two)!!!
Tick diseases - testing, treating Corns

Happy tail

His tail is bleeding EVERYWHERE!!

Pannus - her eyes look funny...
Trancing, Nitting, Grinning Seizures
Flea, tick and heartworm products Blood donors
Thunder storm phobia Black heads on their lower chest
Bald thighs Little red blood blisters (Hemangiomas)





The lighter side of greyhounds

Ready for a little greyhound humor?



    ... and God created the Greyhound


    Medieval greyhounds


   The boys vs the girls


    Sleeping with dogs


   If I Didn't Have Greyhounds




Watch greyhounds in action - some special videos

SMART Greyhound - watch the #3 greyhound
Beautiful tribute to a retiring racer - Pak Seminole Win - AKA "Futurity"
Greyhound adoption information (Memphis) - MSGAO


                              A WORD ABOUT GREYHOUND ADOPTION  



Don't let that list discourage you from considering a Greyhound as the next member of your family! 


Individually, these awesome hounds have no more medical problems than most other breeds.  This list exists because many of their medical characteristics are simply unique to the breed  or to the sighthound group in general.


Visit your local adoption group's web site and attend their get-to-know-you Meet & Greets.  Once you meet a greyhound, you'll almost certainly fall in love with this remarkable breed.




In this Middle Tennessee area, we have two adoption groups:



All About Hounds

A growing greyhound rescue group staffed by dedicated volunteers in the Nashville, Tennessee area, AAH is focused on finding homes for retired racers through public awareness and adoption programs.

Email for information: allabouthounds@yahoo.com



Greyhound Pets of America - Nashville

This chapter of a national group, Greyhound Pets of America, is an all-volunteer organization serving the Middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky, and northern Alabama areas.

Email for information: gpanashville@gmail.com






This page last updated 10/05/2011


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